Planning the Future Report

We provide a plan that gives you a good idea of what the future holds for your care, lifestyle and finances. We give you a good indication of what your care needs are now, and what they are likely to be in 3 years, 10 years and beyond; the kind of care services that would be suitable to meet your needs; and the indicative costs. We identify what’s important to you in your life, and provide suggestions as to how to still get those things as your care needs increase. We provide you with options to fund your care and lifestyle over the period of time you are likely to need care, and options to take care of your family financially and emotionally.

Our experienced consultant visits you twice to develop a care and lifestyle plan to meet your needs. We have appointed a firm of independent financial planners who create a financial plan to help you understand which options are affordable. The financial planners work directly with our care consultant to provide you with a realistic assessment of how far your money will go, they lay out the options you have to pay for your care, and to provide for your family and lifestyle, there will be no direct contact between the financial planner and you as the client, and as such there will be no marketing of financial services to you.

What’s included:

•    Two visits from an experienced care consultant
•    Financial plan provided by regulated financial planning firm
•    Current and indicative care needs now, 3 years and 10 yrs and beyond
•    Recommendations to meet your care needs
•    Recommendations to give you a good quality of life
•    All recommendations costed and affordable given your financial situation.

The plan includes complimentary six months of telephone and email support through our Care Support Membership, which is described in more detail below.

Care Support Membership

Once you have your Planning the Future Report our membership provides advice on your situation as and when you need it, offering ongoing support to you and your family to help you have the best quality of life possible. Our experienced consultants are at the end of the phone to answer questions about your care and support, and we keep in touch with you regularly to ensure your Planning the Future Report stays up to date. We will visit you, and update the care and lifestyle parts of the report every year (the first visit takes place six months into your membership), and our appointed firm of financial planners will review your financial plan every three years. Included in the membership is three hours of telephone support per year, we are there as much as you need us, and you are always welcome to purchase additional support.

What’s included:

  • Ad hoc telephone and email support when you need it (up to three hours a year)
  • Annual visit, and review of your care needs
  • Reduced fees for additional support
  • Three yearly review of your financial plan

Additional Support

Our membership and fixed fee services provide enough support to meet most people’s needs, if you have a particularly complex issues, or want us to make calls or visits on your behalf then you are very welcome to purchase additional support from us at an hourly rate. You might use us to vet a particular company, or to help you choose community and lifestyle options that will improve your quality of life.

Financial plan review

Should your financial circumstances change you can request a review and update of your financial plan at any time, to be conducted by our appointed financial planners. This service is also available at no cost as part of your membership.

Find Me Care Service

We offer an in-depth service to help you choose the right professional care services, whether that be a few hours of support a week, a live-in carer or a care home. This service is particularly designed to support our members to make choices when their needs change.

Our consultant will use the Planning the Future Report already created (or develop the plan with you if you don’t yet have one), and work with you to establish what is most important to you and your family. They will research your chosen area and meet with local providers to find high quality services they are willing to recommend and that can support you to maintain the best quality of life. As part of this service we also consider community and lifestyle options

The package includes:

  • Meeting with care consultant
  • Bespoke research of local care services
  • Recommendations
  • Research and recommendations of local companies and services that may help you have the lifestyle you want
  • Telephone support to answer all your questions